"Quality is our highest and first priority, rest comes next."

Quality culture and Quality consciousness is inculcated since inception at KIM, be it in processes, equipments, test methods, standards, validation or simply the mundane activities like cleaning procedures.

Our commitment to quality and service continues to grow as we do. We continue to invest in technology and equipment upgrade training with the objective of delivering Top Quality Products.
KIM Health Care has been awarded the cGMP certificate and we operate accordingly: all Production phases from Goods receipt to finished product are subject to continuous monitoring and full documentation. Our Laboratories are able to employ a wide range of methods in the analysis of Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Testing. Highest priority is provided to Quality Control and adequate precautions are taken to ensure that there are no lapses on the production front.

Our commitment of Quality assurance begins with our Raw Material Suppliers. We work as a team to monitor and maintain product quality and consistency.

The Raw materials are thoroughly tested before a decision is made regarding suitability for use within a specific production facility. Thereafter, our equipment and monitoring systems assure that the integrity of the product is not compromised in anyway.

We have established our dominant presence in the pharmaceutical ethical market of India with a robust turnover and growth rate. Our marketing strength has been in the effective scanning and timely launch of new technically advanced formulation