Strong Ethical values coupled with individual and team performance are the Keys to company's continuous success in the market place. We believe that meeting the deadlines is not good enough, beating the deadlines is our expectations. We keep pursuing our goals even in the face of difficulties and convert adversities into opportunities.

Product Management

PMD is the think tank of the company which is not only involved in Product Training and development of promotional inputs But also contributes in Brand Development and Strategy Planning. We Think Big, Think fast and think Ahead. We keep revising our Vision because only when you Dream it, you can do It.

In our organization training is a development oriented programme. Our aim is to harness the true potential of an employee by increasing his/her knowledge and skill for doing a particular job, also preparing them for a higher level.


We focus on people, depending on the job profile, qualification and expertise required.

Class Room Training

Sales force in every company plays an important role in creating niche for the company. They are trained on product knowledge, market knowledge, competitor knowledge, communication skills, attitude improvement, selling technique & confidence.

Refresher Courses

We keep conducting the workshops as well as refresher programmes for further sharpening their skills and to update their product knowledge & marketing skills.

Management Development Programme

We have a competent executive reservoir. To retain the punch & drive and to reduce dropouts we have various management development programmes on regular basis.